Why Hotswot ?

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Powerful features for more insights & involvement

  • Customized context - no generic instructions but a user interface that matches with your organisation's context.
  • User activity monitoring - see how group interactions develop and provide guidance when the time is right.
  • Gate-Stage process flow - use distinctive stages for processing individual input towards collective insights
  • SWOT and RISK expertise - make use of embedded best practices for conducting a full-blown SWOT analysis and applying risk assessment techniques.
  • Context tagging - clustering topics on the basis of common features adds more structure to large sets of information.
  • User access management - involve people at the most appropriate time in the decision making process.
  • Process customisation - adapt the process flow according to the group's particular interaction needs.
  • Anonymous communication - allow participants to interact anonymously to foster a liberated mindset.
  • Real-time aggregation of user input - bundle patricipant's input instantly into clear and concise summary reports.
  • Secured data storage - a highly secured data infrastructure protects from unauthorised conversation listening.

Customer feedback

"Hotswot has contributed largely to the formalization of our strategic challenges.

The use of online collaborative techniques in combination with face-to-face meetings has allowed us to make a clear distinction between the root cause and its symptoms and to obtain a commonly accepted plan of approach."

Walter Vandersypen - Head of Sales - Oxfam Fairtrade Belgium

"I must say I'm impressed by what we've been able to get out of the platform. I felt that the method is very solid and different.

The process of challenging each other's input and peer-to-peer ratings has definitely raised new insights that we would have missed doing a swot as we used to do before."

Edwin Willems - Marketing Director - Agilos

"Hotswot allows us to exchange strategic discussions amongst colleagues from different locations without having to spend on travelling or long conference calls.

This has helped us to learn about the importance of certain external influences that affect our organisation."

Luc Van den Bosch - Operations manager Superabsorbert Polymers - BASF Antwerp